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Museums and galleries

Reggio Emilia

Tricolour Flag Hall

A visit of the Tricolour Flag Hall and the Tricolour Flag Museum is necessary to discover the true spirit of the town, a rebellious side that fought to get rid of ancient servitude and to gain control of its future of freedom and equality.

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Tricolour Flag Museum

The Museum is hosted inside the seat of the Municipality, in the rooms next to the Tricolour Flag Hall. After the recent enlargements (2017), it is extended on three different levels. On display are documents, objects and relics concerning the history of the national flag, its origin and further developments until the Napoleonic period. From January 7, 2017 it has hosted the artworks of the project "Ninety artists for a Flag".

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Museums Palace

Former Franciscan convent, it has hosted the first private collection of the great naturalist Lazzaro Spallanzani since 1830. In 2005 the square and the Museum were redisigned by the famous contemporary architect Italo Rota. The exhibition area was expanded to over 1,800 metres. New entrance hall, new exhibition gallery, workshop space, Agorà, Fab Lab, new library and Wi-Fi service.

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Parmeggiani Art Gallery

The Gallery brings together the art collection which belonged to Luigi Parmeggiani. It includes European arms and cutlery, goldsmithery, enamels and jewels, European costumes from the XVII to the XIX century, sculptures in stone and polychrome wood, Italian, Spanish and Flemish paintings, and other artistic objects.

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Psychiatry History Museum

Located inside the restored Lombroso wing of San Lazzaro, the Museum hosts and displays instruments, documents and materials that made the history of psychiatry in Italy. It is now closed for restoration.

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Civic Museums Network

Inside five museums, two historical buildings and three exibition centers are hosted different collections, from the Paleolithic Age to the present days. A work that lasted many decades, maintaining and updating a heritage coming from about 200 years ago.

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Palazzo Magnani Foundation

The building which currently hosts the Palazzo Magnani exhibition gallery belonged to the Becchi Counts for a century; in the early eighteenth century it was acquired by another aristocratic family, the Chioffi, who initiated major restoration works in 1841 that gave to the building its current appearance.

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Maramotti Collection

Private contemporary art gallery. On display are about 200 works belonging to the main national and international trends from 1945 until now: paintings, sculptures and installations.

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Spazio Gerra

Bequeathed to the Municipality of Reggio Emilia by Mrs Anna Maria Ternelli Gerra for the purpose of creating a new cultural venue in the city dedicated to her husband, the artist Marco Gerra (1925-2000), the former Cairoli Hotel, located in piazza XXV Aprile, was restored through an innovative design by the architect Christian Gasparini.

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Reggio Emilia-Guastalla Diocesan Museum

The museum is composed of three large halls on the ground floor of the Archbishop Palace, built by Bartolomeo Avanzini in the mid-XVII century.

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Cavalry Corps Museum

Permanent display of uniforms, flags, headgeons and documents relating to the Cavalry Service, from historic Lancers to the first mechanized troops.

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Museum of the Beata Vergine della Ghiara's Sanctuary

The museum, created in 1982, is located on the ground floor of the cloister of Basilica della Ghiara. The "Ghiara Treasure" is kept in the three museum halls (holy silverware, votive pictures, documents of corporations, associations and confraternities).

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Invitation to...

Contemporary art in Reggio Emilia with four works by the following artists: Luciano Fabro, Sol LeWitt, Eliseo Mattiacci, Robert Morris on display in the open air.

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Level 9 - Museum of the places of the XX century

Istoreco has inaugurated this online museum depicting several significant places of the XX-century history. It is an unusual museum, visible at one's own desk or on one's own sofa.

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Bagnolo in Piano

Salsapariglia Collection

Private collection of 150 vintage motorcycles from 1898, 100 agricultural and industrial engines from 1900, 100 vintage gramophones and radios from 1900, ancient bicycles, Lesa tractors, Sabart chainsaws.

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Oto Melara Agricultural Tractors Museum

Display of Oto Melara agricultural tractors, unique in the world. Nineteen models built from 1950 to 1960.

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Museum for the Po River and Navigation

Museum dedicated to the"Great River" with display of river boats and materials for navigation along the Po River.

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Reclamation Multimedia Museum

The idrovora (huge dewatering plant) opens to the public, showing its mechanisms in this Museum.

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Casa dei Pontieri "D. Gialdini" Museum

The Museum has a valuable visual documentation of the developments of the ways to cross the Great River.

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"Pietro Ghizzardi" Museum House

The former house of the artist still houses the largest collection of paintings, plastics, graphics and manuscript of Pietro Ghizzardi.

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"Peppone and Don Camillo" Museum

Collection of relics from the film series "Don Camillo and Peppone".

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"Albino Umiltà" Archaeological Museum

On the ground floor are the halls dedicated to the Necropolis and the Domus; on the upper floor is the section dedicated to the territory.

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"Brescello and Guareschi, the territory and the cinema" Museum

Display of old cinema equipment and agricultural objects of the fifties in an open space on the groundfloor, as well as in other exhibition rooms.

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Castelnovo di Sotto

Old Corking machines Museum

Private collection with over 300 old corking machines (from 1600 to 1950) and equipment for wine bottling.

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Carnival Mask Museum

Collection of 222 masks, old metal moulds and original gypsum models, acquired in 1997 by the local Municipality.

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Otello Sarzi's Puppets House

Permanent anthologic exhibition owned by the Foundation with works by the great puppeteer Otello Sarzi, who died in 2001.

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"The Correggio" Civic Museum

The museum, in the Noble Floor of the Palazzo Principi, hosts artwork collections and objects of considerable artistic interest originating from various churches, public properties and private collections of the Da Correggio family.

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Cervi House Museum

In the museum are some documents linked to the historical episode of The Cervi brothers, the Resistance and the rural culture.

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Antonio Ligabue Museum Foundation

The museum hosts copies of pictures by the Naive-Art painter Antonio Ligabue (Zurich 1899 - Gualtieri 1965), documents concerning his life, as well as Tirelli Donation (collection of theatre costumes).

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Antonio Ligabue Museum House

The museum is located in one of the houses of Gualtieri, where the painter Antonio Ligabue lived and painted for a few years.

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Motorbike Small Museum

The museum, divided into 4 pavilions for 650 square metres as a whole, exhibits 160 pieces belonging to 34 different brands of the national motorcycle industry as well as some important brands belonging to the European industry.

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Once upon a time there was a school

Museum and educational workshop to discover the history of school in Guastalla

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Wood chip Museum

On Tagliata canal (1218), in a XV-century restored weir, is a museum dedicated to an old tradition is run by the Association Photo Group "La Treccia".

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Montecchio Emilia

Historical Museum of Parmigiano Reggiano and peasant civilization of the Val d'Enza

The museum was built in 1977 and gathers objects and work tools from the rural world, particularly those connected with the production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

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Gonzaga Museum

The Gonzaga Museum is hosted inside some rooms of the residence of the XV century, which is on the elevated floor of the Fortress.

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Works by Augusto Daolio - Permanent hall

Homed in the Community Hall of the Rock, the collection gathers paintings and other artworks by Augusto Daolio, the first leader of the music band "Nomadi"

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Permanent Display of Agricultural Civilization

The display is hosted in the cellar of the Gonzaga Fortress, Piazzale Marconi.

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Terramara "Santa Rosa" Museum

Collection of materials from the excavations of the important "terramara" dating back to the Bronze Age (XVI- and XII centuries b.C.) and from the remains of a Roman villa.

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Pinacoteca "Antonio Ruggiero Giorgi"

The Art Collection "Antonio Ruggero Giorgi" was formed in 1975 by the Municipality of Reggiolo, thanks to a bequest of the author to his town of birth.

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Inlayed work Museum

Museum dedicated to the "Rolini", valuable furniture inlayed with wood manufactured in the Rolo area.

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San Martino in Rio

Car Museum

Private museum that collects, in a big shed, more than forty vintage cars and models of historical interest, among which Queen Margaret's car. During the year it organizes various events dedicated to the history of motorization.

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Agriculture and Rural World Museum

It offers a selection of the most significant relics of rural and handicraft culture of the mid-plain in the Reggio Emilia area, with sections dedicated to field work, viticulture, spinning, weaving, mill, pork-butchering, milk and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

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San Polo d'Enza

Museum of the Resistance

Collection of objects, documents, and images related to the “Partisan Resistance” during the Second World War.

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Sant'Ilario d'Enza

Wine museum

The wine company Medici Ermete & Figli has created a collection of tools and machineries anciently used for grapes processing and wine transformation, through an educational route inside the museum, that shows old methods and techniques

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Ferri Agostino Private Collection

Private collection of objects of daily use with several sections: agricultural tools, from the kitchen to the countryside. Interesting collection dedicated to the profession of barber, magazines and books about local history.

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