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Wine and food factories

Reggio Emilia

Dairy or cheese factories

Dairies producing the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese are waiting to take you on a journey during which you will see our cheese masters at work repeating the ancient gestures to process milk: a very special way to get into the production culture of the area and to discover how it is made.

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From the mountains to the plain (their border runs along the via Emilia), from the Grand Countess Matilde di Canossa to Gualtieri's naive painter Antonio Ligabue, the history and culture of this land have always revolved around the country and its fruits: foods, wisdom and values. The typical wine is called Lambrusco.

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Reggio Emilia bakeries

The bakeries of Reggio Emilia not only sell bread, pasta and other foods supplies to cater for our daily needs but are also a quick “lifesaver” when it comes to a mid-morning snack.

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Pastry shops

Confectionery is a form of art. In Reggio Emilia it is possible to discover a tasteful tour through local specialities.

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Albinea Municipal vinegar cellar

It is possible to breathe the atmosphere of a time stopped, when the production patiently followed the natural rhythms, and the vinegar rested quietly in its scented wooden barrels and wine.

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Novellara Municipal vinegar cellar

The municipal vinegar cellar is located in the attics of the Gonzaga Fortress, a municipal residence in the heart of the old town centre of Novellara.

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