Gonzaga Museum

The Gonzaga Museum is hosted inside some rooms of the residence of the XV century, which is on the elevated floor of the Fortress.

Indirizzo e contatti

Piazzale Marconi, 1 - 42017 Novellara
Phone 0039.0522.655471   -    00393393021715 - Municipality
Email turismo@comune.novellara.re.it
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Opening times

Monday: closed.
Tuesday-Friday 10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. (upon reservation, phone 0039.0522.655471)
Saturday-Sunday 10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. and 3.00-7.00 p.m.

€ 4.00; € 2.00 reduced (people aged 18-25, university students, visitors with guided tour)
Free entrance for: residents in Novellara, children under 18, disabled and their helpers, ICOM members, journalists, guides, first Sunday of each month.

Guided tours
Sunday for groups of at least 4 people, with Pro Loco guide. Prices: € 4.00; € 3.00 (people over 65); free (children under 12). Reservation recommended.
Sunday for groups of maximum 50 people, with own guide. Free entrance. Reservation recommended.
Working days for groups of minimum 10 people, with the museum's guide. Price: € 5.00 (to be added to the reduced ticket or free as per reductions). Reservation recommended.
Working days for groups of minimum 10 people, with own guide. Price: as per reductions. Reservation recommended.
Working days for schools, with the museum's guide. Free entrance. Reservation recommended.


How to get there

By car
From the Reggio Emilia exit on the A1 motorway, take National Road SS12 travelling north.
Travelling on National Road SS9, when you reach Reggio Emilia take National Road SS12, which leads from the northern ring road to the A1 motor-way and on to Bagnolo and Novellara.
Coming from Mantua on the A22 motor-way, which runs between Modena and Brennero, exit at Reggiolo/Rolo. From the town of Reggiolo, which is only a few kilometres away, take National Road SS12 travelling south.
You can also take National Road SS63 from Mantua to Guastalla, and turn left at Guastalla to travel southeast, arriving directly in Novellara.

By train
From the Reggio Emilia railway station line Reggio-Guastalla

By bus
From Piazzale Europa bus No. 43

Historical notes

The Museum is located on the noble floor of Novellara’s fortress. Its displays take up 13 rooms, including five dedicated to Lelio Orsi, who worked as an artist for the House of Gonzaga for 40 years. These five rooms now host Orsi’s cycle of frescos from the central hall of the Casino di Sopra, which the painter decorated on the basis of Count Camillo the First’s instructions, presumably in 1558. The fortress still displays the Verona marble fireplaces designed by Orsi himself as well as some of the original vaulted ceilings, furniture, pottery, local coins, and pharmacy vases, which along with albarello jars, bottles, and jugs from the XV to the XVIII century, make up a collection of about 170 items. The first room displays three fragments of frescos dating back to 1280, and originally located in a long-destroyed local church. The portrait gallery features illustrious members of the Gonzaga dynasty: from Camillo the First to Filippo Alfonso, Grandee of Spain; from Vittoria di Capua to Matilde d'Este.

Quality Museum - acknowledgement given by Regione Emilia Romagna - Institute of Culture "IBC"