Reggio Emilia

Memorial for Resistance movement

On the left of Teatro Municipale Valli is the Memorial dedicated to the Resistance movement of Reggio Emilia, that was inaugurated April 25, 1958.

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Soldiers' Memorial

It was placed between Piazza Vittoria and the Public Gardens, and its official inauguration dates back to October 30, 1927, on the fifth anniversary of the "March to Rome" .

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Memorial for the 39 Heysel victims

This monument is unique in Italy, a strong symbol against violence in stadiums.

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Monument to the "Teachers of Italy"

The only monument in Italy dedicated to the young teachers that, with courage and energy, from the middle of the XIX Century, brought the teaching of the italian language in the most isolated places of Italy, contributing to win the analfabetism and to help the emancipation.

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The historical Cemetery

The main, suburban Cemetery was built in 1808, after being designed by Domenico Marchelli (1764-1832)

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The Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish Cemetery, of which no archive drawings have been found, was inaugurated in 1808 with the burial of Beniamino Foà, a young Jewish nobleman.

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Napoleonic Cemetery

It was built in 1810 and remained in use until the new graveyard was built in 1923.

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Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish cemetery was reconstructed in the second half of the XX century.

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Jewish Cemetery

It includes a rectangular area and is surrounded by a wall about two metres high; to the left of the iron gate, a marble stone is situated in the upper part which has the inscription “Cimitero Israelitico” (Jewish Cemetery).

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