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Memorial for the 39 Heysel victims

This monument is unique in Italy, a strong symbol against violence in stadiums.

Address and contacts

Viale Giacomo Matteotti
sito web Sala della Memoria Heysel


It was created by Flemish sculptor Gido Vanlessen, and it is inspired by the terrible tragedy that occurred at the Heysel Stadium on May 29th, 1985 before the Champions League match between Juventus and Liverpool, when 39 people died, among them a man from Reggio Emilia.

This work recalls the stadium terraces devastated by the fury of the English hooligans, was finally donated to the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, and its location is in a park in front of the "Mirabello" stadium, partly named after Claudio Zavaroni, the victim from Reggio.

It also has a cover, to protect it from the weather, that was paid by the Committee to not forget Heysel, which takes over the maintenance and remember these tragic events with a solemn commemoration every year.