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Monument to the "Teachers of Italy"

The only monument in Italy dedicated to the young teachers that, with courage and energy, from the middle of the XIX Century, brought the teaching of the italian language in the most isolated places of Italy, contributing to win the analfabetism and to help the emancipation.


Parco Alcide Cervi - Piazzale Fiume

How to get there

Reggio nell'Emilia - Town centre


The bronze statue si by Alessandro Romano, internationally famous artist, realized thanks to the economical effort of several italian and foreign cometees part of the Dante Alighieri Association (Milano, Conegliano, Mantova, Roma, Treviglio, Ferrara, Cagliari, Salerno, Leicester, Augsburg, Haifa, Saragozza, Canton Vallese, Bogotà, Orleans, Denver, Angelholm, Anversa, Tolosa, Verviers, Pueblo, Copenaghen, Lucerna, Liegi e Locarno) and of private citizens.

Alessandro Romano (Rome, 1944) expresses his figurative talent especially in sculpture, combining the classic with the modern, in a style that is very well suited to sacred art.
The mythological and religious inspiration merge in his works with aspects of modernity, giving life to a classical and, in the same time new form, with particular movements and measures. Among the most significant works we remember the one in polychrome bronze "The shield of Achilles", purchased by the former president of the Republic Francesco Cossiga for the Quirinale palace, the triptych of six-meter high portals "Janua MM" in the Basilica of San Michele Arcangelo in Piano di Sorrento, four sculptures in white Carrara marble placed in the Michelangelo's niches of the papal basilica of San Pietro in Vaticano.