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The historical Cemetery

The main, suburban Cemetery was built in 1808, after being designed by Domenico Marchelli (1764-1832)

Address and contacts

Via Sergio Beretti, 24 - 42123 Reggio Emilia
Phone 0039 0522 456111
Email polizia.mortuaria@comune.re.it

Opening times

See the opening times of the Monumental Cemetery.

How to get there

Reggio nell'Emilia

The Cemetery is not far from the town centre.


The historical Cemetery area extends for about 48,000 square metres, including the Monumental Front, Marchelli's Quadriarcade, the Columbariums and 28 panels, of which 8 are situated in the First Graveyard and 20 in the new areas surrounding the first complex in the north, south and east. It is possible to enter the entrance large square, on the west side bounded by the Crostolo torrent, from the Cemetery avenue, that links up to the town through via Beretti. Besides the main entrance is a secondary entrance that opens on the old S. Claudio bridge, through which it is possible to travel on foot or by bike only. Out of the surrounded cemetery area, close to the Columbariums' outside wall, on the east side with entrance from via Cecati, is a third small graveyard for non-Catholics, called "degli Svizzeri" (Swiss).

The face of the cemetery (1932-35) was designed by Architect Prospero Sorgato, with frescoes and a mosaic by Anselmo Govi. Among the sculptors that gave works to the complex or to the single tombs are to be mentioned: Giulio Monteverdi (1837-1917), Paolo Aleotti (1813-1886), Ilario Bedotti (1834-1897), Riccardo Secchi (1871-1938), Guglielmo Fornaciari (1859-1930), Ferruccio Orlandini, Tonino Grassi, Galileo Scorticati.