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Crostolo torrent Greenway

The Crostolo cycle-pedestrian trail connects the municipality of Vezzano sul Crostolo to the town centre of Reggio Emilia and continues northward to the municipality of Cadelbosco di Sopra. The trail is suitable for everyone and is particularly frequented by families and hikers in the spring months.


42124 Reggio nell'Emilia
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Route characteristics

Route length: 15 km
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Level of difficulty: easy.

  • From San Pellegrino Bridge to Roncocesi: 8.4 km
  • From San Pellegrino Bridge to Villa D'Este: 6.6 km


The Crostolo Park, also named Goat's Park because of the presence of some Tibetan goats and ponies, covers 700 hectars on both banks of the torrent. It is the most loved park by Reggio Emilia citizens, an actual green lung which links the North Area with the South Area of the town. The two paths meet at the San Pellegrino Bridge, where are two statues which were formerly located in the Rivalta Villa Ducale. In the Park it is possible to admire the three XVIII-century Este residences: Rivalta Reggia, which was the Francesco III d'Este and Carlotta d'Orleans' residence; Villa d'Este, also known as Vasca di Corbelli; and the private Rivatella Villa.

Guarda To the south (from the San Pellegrino Bridge to Vezzano sul Crostolo), the path overlaps with the town connection of the Matildic way of Volto Santo (stage 4) in a hiking trail running through the Countess Matilda of Canossa's lands.
To the north, the path arrives at Manfredi's House, a partisan house which hosts the Partigiano Reggiano mural and goes on to the municipality of Cadelbosco di Sopra, making the charming reclaimed territories usable.

The Crostolo Park is linked to the Rodano Park through the green areas of Via Settembrini and the Modolena Park through Via Pascal, between the Rivalta Reggia and the Cavalla route. The path is accessible on foot and by bicycle, and is suitable for everyone.

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