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Memory Wall - Casa Manfredi (Manfredi House)

Villa Sesso-based Casa Manfredi and its Resistance wall.

Address and contacts

Via Nove Martiri, 42124 Reggio nell'Emilia
Sito web - Website Istoreco

Opening times

All days

How to get there

Casa Manfredi and its resistant wall is located near the motorway, in the locality of Villa Sesso. It can be reached on foot, by car or by bicycle.

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Historical notes

Casa Manfredi is a symbol of antifascism, a fugitive house and base of the Resistance for young partisans. Here the provincial committee of the Resistance met every weekl to organize the struggle and always here, at the hands of the Black Brigade, the five members of this family died for the liberation from Nazifascism.

In 1944, with the development of the activity of the Patriotic Action Squads (SAP, the former paramilitary body), the Manfredi brothers took part in numerous resistance actions together with the Miselli family and other local partisans. Despite the precautions taken, the fascist spies located the house and headquarters. In the night between December 16 and 17, 1944, about 200 fascists of the Black Brigade and of the UPI Company - GNR Investigative Police Office - carried out a round-up at Villa Sesso and shot four young people at Casa Iotti, including Alfeo Manfredi. Many other people were later arrested.

Level 9 | The Museum of the Places of the XX century.

The Mural

Villa Sesso-based Casa Manfredi is the only partisan house in the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. September 27, 2020 there was the inauguration of the big street-art mural work "Reggiano Partisan" by Fabio Valentini in art Neko and Marco Temperilli in art Maik.

The work, commissioned by Istoreco in cooperation with Anpi and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, wants to pay tribute to the memory of the Martyrs for the Resistance belonging to the Manfredi and Miselli families. It is a "new door" into the town, clearly visible, even by those who travel on the A1 motorway, taking on a strong "distinctive feature" and historical memory.

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