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Statue of Lazzaro Spallanzani

The statue dedicated to Lazzaro Spallanzani was unveiled during a ceremony held on 12th November 1888, attended by the local authorities and leading national and international figures from the scientific world.
Scandiano - Statua Lazzaro Spallanzani - Statue

Piazza Spallanzani

42019 Scandiano

On that occasion, Piazza Maggiore was renamed after and dedicated to this illustrious scientist. The statue is made of Carrara marble, funded by a collection of donations from the citizens of Scandiano organized some years earlier by the public notary Pietro Prampolini. It depicts the scholar as he examines a frog through a magnifying glass. The main statue is the work of the sculptor Guglielmo Fornaciari from Reggio Emilia, while the frog was sculpted by Vasco Montecchi from Scandiano. The scientist in a standing position, dressed in eighteenth-century clergymen’s clothes, holding a magnifying glass in his right hand while he examines the circulation in the blood vessels of a frog fixed on a small “scaffold” held in his left hand.

How to get there:Scandiano: From the A1 motorway Reggio Emilia exit, take the SS 467 ring-road towards Scandiano-Sassuolo; from Modena, take the SS 486 "Passo delle Radici" road towards Sassuolo, then at Veggia take the SS 467 road towards Scandiano-Reggio Emilia. By train: there are local trains for Scandiano-Sassuolo which leave from Reggio Emilia Station; there is also the ACT bus service.

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