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The municipal territory of Poviglio is located in the Lowlands of the Reggio Emilia province. One of the largest Terramaras in Europe has been found by archaeologists in the village of Fodico di Poviglio.
Terramara "Santa Rosa" Museum
Collection of materials from the excavations of the important "terramara" dating back to the Bronze Age (XVI- and XII centuries b.C.) and from the remains of a Roman villa.
S. Stefano Church
Parish Church built in the 11th century.
Church of San Giacomo
Built approximately in year 1100. The church is dedicated to San Giacomo Maggiore.
Terramara "Santa Rosa Terramara
It is the largest "Terramara" in Europe, made up of a village with two inhabited areas, covering an area of approximately seven hectares dating back to a period between the XVI and the XII centuries b.C.
Villa Pallavicino
The 19th century-style building has a compact volume on a broad rectangular three-storey plan.
Cuore Matto - Musica e Ballo
Music and dance

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