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Castles, towers, bell towers

Reggio Emilia

Clock Tower (Palazzo Monte di Pietà)

The Clock Tower of Reggio Emilia was built in 1216; its height is 47 metres and in the bell cell are three ancient pear-shaped bells.

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Brothel Tower

The Brothel Tower was built in 1489 to host the town archives.

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San Prospero Basilica Tower

Octagonal shaped bell-tower which was never completed; the work of Alberto Pacchioni.

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Borzano Castle

The Borzano Castle, of which are few remaining traces, was built on the summit of a an imposing gypsum hill.

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Montericco castle

The ancient castle of Montericco, which is now a private residence, has seen extensive renovation, and although the building is impressive and well preserved, it retains little of its original appearance.

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Albinea Castle

The construction of the castle can be dated to before 1070. The castle was built by the Fogliani family and in 1070 appears in the bishops' estate.

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Bagnolo in Piano

Il Torrazzo

The Torrazzo is the civic tower and symbol of the town.

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Casalgrande castle

Built in the first half of the 7th century. The remains of the Casalgrande fortifications imperiously dominate the plain below which is traversed by the River Secchia.

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The Castle

Private property. The castle was built by the Countess Matilda of Canossa who then entrusted it to Miles Raniero, having granted him government of the territory, who made him Count of Castellarano.

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The Rocchetta, or small fortress, acts as a series of defensive entrance gates to the Castle. Its appearance is now the result of frequent building works.

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Clock Tower and Almond Tree Court

The Clock Tower was erected in the Middle Ages to watch over the passage of men and goods in the Secchia bed, which then lapped the Castellarano Fortress.

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Castelnovo di Sotto

Fortress of Castelnovo Sotto

The building visible today, in the old town, is in sound condition and houses the municipal offices.

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Bell Tower of the Basilica di SanQuirino

The tower is the only remaining bulwark of the old castle of Correggio (14th century), now adapted as the bell tower of the Basilica of San Quirino.

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The Fortress, after restoration work, is now part of A.I.G. (International Youth Hostels Association).

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Guidotti Castle

Of interest is the small courtyard, where moats, walls, and details of the ancient small fort dating from the era of Matilda, Countess of Canossa can be made out.

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Civic Tower

The Civic Tower stands high above the surrounding porticoes and, with its wide pointed archway, is both an entrance into the square and an architectural accompaniment into the beautiful street Via Vittorio Emanuele.

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Tower in Luzzara

The centre of Luzzara is dominated by the Municipal Tower which is also an interesting viewing point.

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Montecchio Emilia


The fortified nucleus may be dated to the time of Matilda as demonstrated by a document signed by the Countess in 1114.

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The Fortress

"Valiant fort" was the expression coined in 1520 by the pontifical governor Francesco Guicciardini to describe the powerful structure of the castle of Novellara.

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Quattro Castella

Bianello Castle

The Bianello Castle is one of the four Matilda fortresses, built on four successive hills of equal height and dominating the plain below.

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The Fortress

The castle was built by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia in the first half of the XIII century to defend itself against the people of Mantova who attacked the fortress several times.

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The Fortress

Only some of the elements of the ancient fortress, an important presence in the history of Rubiera, remain visible today. After various transformations, only the remaining exterior walls are visible.

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San Martino in Rio

Este Fortress

The Castle, after being destroyed by Federico Barbarossa in 1167, was rebuilt with mighty towers and was passed to the Roberto family of Reggio Emilia.

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San Polo d'Enza


The current appearance of the castle is due to alterations made to the original building to turn it into an aristocratic residence.

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Boiardo Fortress

The stronghold, first core of the town, was the symbol of political power in Scandiano for eight centuries. The complex includes medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque structures. It is now closed for restoration.

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Civic Tower or Clock Tower

Originally it was the entry gate to the old residential district, commissioned by Feltrino Boiardo in the first half of the XV century.

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Arceto Castle

The castle is mentioned for the first time in a Nonantola charter of 883. It was then given to the Bishops of Reggio Emilia by Emperor Otto I in a charter of 962.

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Dondena Bagnoli Castle

The castle was built in the second half of the 19th century and reflects the updated neo-medieval style which was popular at that time. It is privately owned and can be viewed from the outside.

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Torricella Castle

On the hills of Ventoso, a few miles from Scandiano, the Torricella was built after 1335, by the family Da Fogliano. (privatly owned)

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