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Foro Boario camper area

It is located near the town centre (easily accessible on foot). 6 fishbone-shaped pitches to park campers and tourist buses. Free, 24-hour maximum stop.

Address and contacts

Address Via F.lli Manfredi - 42124 Reggio Emilia

Available services

Possibility of both stop and overnight stay for a maximum time of 24 hours. No camper service (water charge-discharge, electric energy).

Near a high school and a recreational club.

Dog walking area in the nearby Johannes Gutenberg Park.

The car park is located in an key position: from here it is possible to reach the Reggio Emilia town centre by means of a free shuttle bus running every 10 minutes from Monday to Saturday after collecting the ticket. Sundays, the day when the shuttle does not run, it is possible to reach the town centre by walking 1 km.


The parking area (regulated by an order dated March 26, 2018) requires the adoption of the following measures:

  • permanent parking ban with forced removal for caravans outside the proper areas
  • 6 special parking areas for caravans, as per layout
  • regulation of parking for caravans with a maximum time limit of 24 hours, after display of the parking disc
Foro Boario parking - Le Querce parkinfree Minibu shuttle service - route GForo Boario parking - Le Querce parking

Services and facilities

Pets allowed Free parking