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Green sauce for "boiled meat"

Recipe from the area near the Po river. It was mostly used in the farmers' families to season the hen and the boiled meat, and usually cooked on Sundays.


1 carrot - about 15-18 cm
1 celery stalk - about 15-18 cm
2 hard-boiled eggs
1 small onion
1 garlic slice
1 spoonful of vinegar
Plentiful parsley leaves 
The pinch of 1 teaspoon of sugar
The pinch of 1 teaspoon of salt
Extra virgin olive oil

How to do

On the cutting board, with the mezzaluna knife, mince the ingredients one by one and put them in a bowl. Add the minced eggs and the oil; mix with a wooden spoon until the sauce gets soft and spreadable.

Recipe suggested by: Fioranna Magnanini - Reggio Emilia