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Regenerate. Do with

Architecture festival. Conferences, walks, workshops, performances. At: San Pietro Cloisters, via Emilia San Pietro 44/c; Tecnopolo, piazzale Europa 1; Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, viale Ramazzini 72/a; Tricolour Flag Hall, piazza Prampolini 1; in the town centre.

September 22 - October 1, 2022

Contemporary architecture festival "to do" with towns, communities, citizens, professionals and people.

Each architecture studio will choose a shop in the town centre to exhibit its projects, thus creating an atelier spread throughout the town. An initiative that will take the name of "Studies with - Architectural studios meet trade", as well as a way to strengthen the bond between the territory and architecture professionals.

The synergy with the community will then continue with other events: information panels in the squares, to tell the most characteristic monuments of Reggio Emilia's history, three guided tours on the architecture of the new millennium throughout the provincial territory, whose monuments will flow into a photographic guide on the contemporary architecture of the town. Finally, a "regenerated" dinner in the dark, with the aim of raising awareness among participants on food waste with the contribution and experience of visually-impaired people.




Architects' Foundation

Via Franchi, 1 42121 Reggio Emilia

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