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Behaviours to follow in compliance with anti-Coronavirus health regulations.

Until June 30, 2022

New rules from April 1, 2022

Basic Green Pass:
No obligation for interregional journeys by bus or train, plane or ship, to attend indoors canteens or restaurants, participate in public competitions, public and private training courses or universities, outdoor shows and sport, interviews with inmates. Obligation to wear a mask.

Reinforced Green Pass in April
Reinforced Green Pass obligation: for gyms and swimming pools, wellness centres, conferences and congresses, leisure centres, indoor parties, game rooms, discos, cinemas, theatres, concert halls and indoor sports facilities, with obligation to wear a mask.

No Green Pass:
No obligation for local transport (buses or regional trains, metro), but the obligation of Ffp2. Sports: no more capacity limits. No more Green Pass obligation to enter shops, hotels or to consume in outdoor coffee bars and restaurants.

Obligation to wear a mask for the month of April
The obligation to wear a maskĀ indoors will remain throughout April, which must be Ffp2 in the case of public transport, for indoor shows and sporting events.

Changes from May 1, 2022

No more obligation to wear a mask. On public transport no certificate will be required nor will it be necessary to work: it will only be needed to access health facilities.

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