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Piazzas, loggias and historical routes

Reggio Emilia

Piazza del Monte

Now piazza Cesare Battisti. A small oval square around where the "Capitano del Popolo" Palace and the " Monte di Pietà” Palace are both situated.

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Piazza Fontanesi

One of the most characteristic square of the historical centre of Reggio Emilia. It's crowded with people in the evening thanks to the many small locals and pub and every Saturday morning for the weekly farmer market.

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Piazza Prampolini

The main square of the town, also called "Big Square" (piazza Grande).

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The Synagogue and the Jewish Ghetto

The settlement of the Jewish ghetto dates back to the second half of the XVII century.

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Originally cemetery of the Cathedral, today it's a characteristic place of the historical centre

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Piazza San Prospero

The square in front of San Prospero Church is usually called Little Square (Piasa Céca in the local dialect).

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Piazza Antonio Casotti

The square is situated around Palazzo Casotti (built in 1481, formerly place of the Town Hall and the Tricolour Museum) and the Bordello tower (civic tower built in 1489).

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Piazza della Vittoria

The square, recently refurbished and provided with a private underground parking, is bordered by Parco del Popolo (public gardens), the facade of the Ariosto Theatre, Isolato San Rocco and, on the east side, by Piazza Martiri del 7 Luglio

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Piazza Martiri del 7 Luglio

It is one of the most characteristic places of the town where, in 1960, five workers of Reggio Emilia were killed during a demonstration. The square takes its name from their sacrifice.

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