Dumpling Festival

Gastronomic tastings, performances and historical parade. In the town centre, piazza Mazzini and piazza Matteotti. XXXV Edition.

May 20-22, 2022

Born in the mid-XIX century as a convivial and playful soul, the event became a political event from 1869, in opposition to the ground tax introduced the previous year by the Menabrea government, until 1880, when the festival returned to its original and joyful nature. After World War II it was suspended until 1978, the year from which it was re-proposed with its current three-year frequency.

Also this year the showman Giacomo “Ciccio” Valenti will be in the guise of the King of Dumplings (also known as King Serpo), an allegorical figure that refers to carnival traditions.

During the historical parade, ancient crafts and scenes from the past will be performed on carriages pulled by horses or oxen, and the distribution of dumplings will take place with the proclamation of "King Dumpling".


May 20
Awaiting the Dumpling Festival
Piazza Matteotti
From 7.00 p.m. - the traditional dishes

Piazza Mazzini
From 9.30 p.m. concert

May 21
Piazza Mazzini
5.00 p.m. - gastronomic competition "The dumplings in the kitchen"
6.30 p.m. - tasting of the dumplings

Town centre
From 9.30 p.m. - coronation ceremony. Parade, courtball, coronation of the King.

May 22
Town centre
10.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. - historical parade and binge on dumplings


Free entrance


Municipality of Guastalla

Piazza Mazzini, 1 42016 Guastalla (RE)
Fax. 0522.824834

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