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Cinemas, theatres

Reggio Emilia

Rosebud Cinema

Cinema Rosebud is an important place of promotion of the cinematographic culture. On schedule during the week are many screenings of masterpieces of the past, films of different cinemas and essai premières. Organization of cinema courses and meetings with directors. located in the outskirts. Première films and movie festivals.

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Arena Stalloni

Summer Cinema (managed by ARCI) inside San Domenico Cloisters in the town centre. It is open from mid-June to early September.

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AlCorso Cinema

The cinema is open seven days a week, afternoon and night, and offers a wide selection of first-release films.

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Olimpia Cinema

The cinema is located in the outskirts, near the San Pellegrino Church, towards Albinea.

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Uci Cinema

The cinema is located in the direction of Mapei Stadium Città del Tricolore. 11 multi-rooms.

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Romolo Valli Municipal Theatre

It is the main town theatre. located inside the ancient town walls, it was built between 1852 and 1857. Designed as an opera house, it is now very active in classical music, opera, ballet, dance, operetta and contemporary music, and also hosts a historical record collection open to the public.

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Ariosto Theatre

The theatre was built between 1740 and 1741 according to a design by Antonio Cugini and destroyed in 1851 by a fire, and it was originally called "Teatro di Cittadella" (Cittadella Theatre) as it stood near the ancient defensive bulwark required by Gonzaga family (at the end of 1339) during their rule of Reggio Emilia.

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Piccolo Orologio Theatre

Casino dell’Orologio complex, the current location of Piccolo Orologio Theatre, is an area highly appreciated by the citizens of the former District 3 who, for four days in May 1978, symbolically occupied the premises (the old country residence of the Scaruffis and then of the Cassolis and the Ottavis).

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Cavallerizza Theatre - Cesare Zavattini

Multipurpose theatre mainly used for research drama, contemporary music and dance, training and workshops. New theatre area dedicated to Cesare Zavattini.

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Nuovo Teatro San Prospero

The cooperative founded in 1988 with the aim of promoting theatre culture, especially dialect culture, is a centre for theatre activities such as courses and staging of theatre performances. The theatre is located in the town centre.

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Bagnolo in Piano

"Ilva Ligabue" Gonzaga Municipal Theatre

Rectangular plan with balcony. Capacity: 300 seats (144 seats as per Covid-19 regulations).

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Municipal Theatre

The Municipal Theatre was re-opened May 25, 1997 after 14 years of inactivity; every year take place interesting theatre performances.

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Cadelbosco di Sopra

L'Altro Teatro

L'Altro Teatro is managed by Arci Reggio Emilia with the help of a group of volunteers from Cadelbosco di Sopra: the "Friends of the Theatre".

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Asioli Theatre

The public theatre was built in Correggio in 1600 from the adaptation and settlement of the halls of the Old Palace, ancient residence of Nicolò from Correggio. The opening performances probably took place in February 1660.

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The new movie complex has a sq-m-1,200 width, three floors, three projection rooms and 585 seats. It is also equipped with booking service, box office and bar

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Teatro Sociale

The theatre is located inside the monumental complex of Palazzo Bentivoglio, big fortress-palace, built between the late XVI century and the early XVII century.

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Della Rocca Theatre

Re-opened in 1998 with a horse-shoe layout in three tiers of boxes, the theatre looks like a smaller version of the Reggio Opera house. It hosts comedies and concerts.

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Quattro Castella

Eden Cinema

208 seats, screen size m 7x3, Dolby audio system,

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Rio Saliceto

Municipal Theatre

The Municipal Theatre is known by the citizens of Rio Saliceto as the Cinema Teatro Montanari, after its first owner. The theatre was built during the first decade of the 1900s when Rio Saliceto, based on the ambitious urban plan of the engineer Pier Giacinto Terrachini, grew in terms of the number of public and private buildings..

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Herberia Theatre

Theatre in late Art Nouveau style, recently restored. The theatre is managed by the association La Corte Ospitale, which proposes a rich and varied offering from among the most important and well-known experiences in theatre research in Italy and abroad.

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Excelsior Cinema Theatre

It hosts theatre series in local dialect and film showings.

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Emiro Multiscreen Cinema

Cinema: 9 rooms, 2,000 seats, 1,000 parking places, Dolby Stereo, Digital SDDS - DTS.

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