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Abbeys, monasteries, sanctuaries

Reggio Emilia

Benedictine San Pietro Cloisters

The two Cloisters belonged to the Benedictine Monks who used to officiate in the adjacent San Pietro Church.

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San Domenico Cloisters

Former San Domenico convent, also known as "degli Stalloni".

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Ghiara Blessed Virgin Church

Church dedicated to the Ghiara Blessed Virgin, after the miracle of the deaf and dumb Marchino occurred in 1596.

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San Benedetto Monastery

No longer used as a convent, the complex has been renovated and is now a multipurpose facility

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Campagnola Emilia

Church of the Santissima Trinità

The current Church of the Santissima Trinità, commonly called the Abbey, was formed in the 18th century from the southern nave of the thirteenth-century church of the Augustinian monastery which originally was about four times larger than that which remains.

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Beata Vergine della Porta Sanctuary

The XVII-century Beata Vergine della Porta Sanctuary is considerably interesting for its internal Baroque architecture.

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Montecchio Emilia

Beata Vergine dell'Olmo Sanctuary

The sanctuary is characterized by false-arches and a baroque bell-tower (1484, restored in 1884 following a project by Pio Casoli).

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Beata Vergine della Fossetta Sanctuary

Church dedicated to Beata Vergine della Fossetta, destination of numerous pilgrimages.

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XVI-century monumental complex; it was built to give shelter to wayfarers and pilgrims along the Via Emilia near the ford formed by the Secchia river.

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