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"Albino Umiltà" Archaeological Museum

On the ground floor are the halls dedicated to the Necropolis and the Domus; on the upper floor is the section dedicated to the territory.

Address and contacts

Centro Culturale San Benedetto
Via Cavallotti, 37 - 42041 Brescello
Telefono -  Phone 0039 0522 482564 whatsapp +39 351 3302056
Email ufficioturismo@comune.brescello.re.it
Sito web - Website Museo Archeologico

Opening times

Al days
10.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.; 2.30 - 6.00 p.m.


The entrance ticket is cumulative and includes the entrance into the "Brescello and Guareschi, territory and cinema" Museum, Peppone and Don Camillo Museum and "Albino Umiltà" Roman Archaeological Museum.
€ 6.00 - adults
€ 4.00 - people aged 6-18, people over 65, university students, conventions and agreements, groups composed of over 25 people.
Free - people aged 0-5, disabled, teachers with school groups, tour guides, journalists, residents in Brescello.

How to get there


By car
National Road SS62 (Mantua to Parma).

By train
From the train station of Reggio Emilia: train to Guastalla and then train Suzzara-Parma

By bus
From Piazzale Europa public transport service bus No. 93

Historical notes

Rich of historical finds of great value, as two acephalous statues (the first one, that depicts a toga, comes from the Museum of Parma, the second one, probably represents a merchant of the river a testimony of the wealth reached by the ancient Brixellum) the museum shows the Roman finds found in Brescello, the recent excavations in Brescia and a the reconstruction of the domestic environments. With the aid of display panels and projection screens, you can gets the impression of physically entering the Roman Brixellum as a path that faithfully reconstructs the access roads to the city and to the center of the country.

Brescello, or Brixellum, was a fundamental settlement for Imperial Rome, located in a strategic area along the streets of our territory. The history of Brescello about 26 centuries ago, before Reggiana (Regium Lepidi) and the territory of Brescia extended beyond the current border with the province of Parma to the west and included the territory of the current boretto municipality to the east.