Reggio Emilia


Provincial Central Station - Company Central Station - Reggio Emilia Central Station.

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State Police

Police headquarters, Public Safety.

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Environment Voluntary Watchmen of Reggio Emilia Province

The Association works to protect, restore and educate people to respect the environment. It belongs to the Provincial Co-ordination of Civil Defence Volunteers.

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Forest Carabinieri Center

The Headquarters direct and coordinate the Carabinieri Forestry Units with supervisory responsibilities in the province of Modena and Reggio Emilia, which intervene in relation to control and protection of the territory and the environment, civil protection and public safety.

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Revenue Office

Revenue Office and Offices of the Ministry of Finance.

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Municipal Police

The office releases permits of transit and stop in the limited-traffic are and pedestrian areas. Payment of fares. Information about traffic and practicability.

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Municipal Police

The office issues permits of transit and parking, manages payment of traffic fines, and provides information on accessibility and traffic conditions.

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