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Scandiano Spergola Wine

The definition of "Scandiano Spergola Wine" is assigned to the wine produced from white-berry grapes. The first written depositions about Spergola vine variety date back to the XV century, as quoted by Bianca Cappello, Grand Duchess of Tuscany.


It has received several definitions In history: in 1644 Marquess Vincenzo Tanara called it Pomoria or Pellegrina Pellegrina, in 1811 Claudio Dalla Fossa called him Spergolina and in 1839 Count Giorgio Gallesio appointed two types: normal Spargolina and ultrasoft Spargolina. It is therefore a very ancient indigenous vine, whose ultracentennial stock has been re-discovered so as to reproduce some types to avoid its extinction.


Spergola grapes is a typical vine produced in the area of Scandiano-Ventoso-San Ruffino-Casalgrande, in the province of Reggio Emilia.

Place of production: Province of Reggio Emilia, particularly in the area of Scandiano-Ventoso-San Ruffino-Casalgrande. Scandiano is considered the best place for the growth of this vine, that has its ideal habitat in the clayey and gypseous grounds of the so-called "ceramics area" and, if grafted on the proper graft holder, tolerates the drought quite well.

Where to buy Scandiano Spergola wine

Cantina Coop. Colli di Scandiano - Via Pistoni e Blosi, 10 - Scandiano
Cantina di Arceto, Soc. Coop. Agricola - Via 11 Settembre 2001, 3 - Arceto di Scandiano
Az. Agr. Ferioli Marco - Tenuta Aljano - Via Figno, 1 - Scandiano
Casali Viticultori - Via delle Scuole, 7 - Pratissolo di Scandiano
Cantina Bortolani Alfredo - Scandiano