The Secchia River Floodplain

Natural reserve. It is a naturalistic area of artificial origin and characterized by wetlands with a centre for environmental education.

Via Del Rivone

42048 Rubiera


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Image of Secchia River Floodplain
The Natural Reserve located in the Secchia River Floodplain straddles the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena, in the territory belonging to the communities of Rubiera, Campogalliano and Modena, which places it in the median height band of the Padana plain. It is a naturalistic area that acts as a real green lung within the highly populated and intensely productive territory.

How to get there:
From the Via Emilia, after the historic centre of Rubiera, follow the provincial road for Correggio, after a few kilometers on the right is Via del Rivone which leads to the main entrance of the Reserve and to the Airone Centre of Environmental Education.
Consorzio di gestione del Parco fluviale del Secchia
c/o Corte Ospitale – v. Fontana 2 – 42048 Rubiera (RE)
phone 0039 0522 627902 – fax 0039 0522 261483
Opening Periods
all year

Created to regulate the flooding of the river, the Secchia River Floodplain has acquired well established naturalistic values of great interest. The territory of the Reserve, covering a surface of about 260 hectares, is characterized by the presence of permanent, fairly extensive stretches of water, interrupted by islets and tongues of land subject to periodic flooding, by a 4km length of the Secchia River, whose banks are covered in thick vegetation.