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Brasadela da acqua - Brasadela - Busilan

This is a very simple and typical dessert made at home, that is shaped like a large doughnut. Its main ingredients are flour, water and eggs, the same ingredients used to make bread.

Traditional Food Product

This expllains its popularity and wand widespread consumption at home at any time of the year. It si usually eaten by dipping it into one of the local, sweet sparkling wines (Lambrusco or Bianco di Scandiano). In the past it was the usual sweet eaten on Sundays, also thanks to its conservation easiness. The dough was baked after being brushed with beaten egg and sprinkled with sugar. One, certain bakers used to bake "Brazadel da acqua" during the cols season. These were humble swets and were made with a dough made of white flour and water and were left to brown in the oven
They wew as wide as your palm and used to cost fine cents each. They were very lights and crunchy even if their pale and crushed appearance certainy wasn't very appealing,
The peddlers used to display these biscuits in a basket with a curved handle that was usefull for transporting them on a stick that was fixed at right angles to one and of the handle. These local sweets completely disappeared at he turn of the 20th century togerther with the peddlers who used to sell them. Originally brazadel da acqua were considered a delicacy and were eaten for breakfast when tasting during Lent as they were made with an ounce of flour, about twenty-seven grams, which was the amount allowed by "Holy canons" Nowadays, "Brasadela" is till made at home in Reggio Emilia using the humble ingredientes that are to hand in any home. These biscuits, which were originally the old brasadele, are also sold at bakeries in the town and countryside.