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San Prospero Festival

Cultural events and religious ceremonies dedicated to Bishop Prospero, Patron Saint of Reggio Emilia. In Piazza San Prospero and in the streets of the town centre.

November 24, 2024

The legend

According to the tradition, San Prospero lived in the V century a.C. and was Bishop of Reggio Emilia between 480 and 505, but there is a lack of historical records about him. He was likely from Reggio Emilia and deserved not only the honour of the episcopate but also the cult as saint, for his effort in spreading and defending faith and in protecting the town.

The Saint is celebrated every year November 24, in 452 a.C., one of his miracle occurred: that day, San Prospero made a thick fog cover Reggio Emilia, so that it wasn't visible to Attila, who was than coming back from the failed raid in Rome.

The faith in San Prospero is really ancient and deep in the souls of believers. Between the XI and the XIV centuries, in the Provinces of Parma, Bologna, Lucca and many others, there were up to 31 churches and chapels dedicated to him. After the Council of Trento the devotion to the saint faded and remained just around the area of Reggio Emilia.
In many churches of Reggio Emilia are statues and frescoes representing San Prospero as well as a beautiful painting in the Venice-based Saint Giacomo dell'Orio Church.




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