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Tricolour Roundabout

Sculpture made from a model by Marco Gerra (1925-2000), placed on the roundabout at the west entrance of the town.


Via Fratelli Cervi - 42124 Reggio nell'Emilia

How to get there

The installation is located in the middle of the crossroads among Via Fratelli Cervi (Via Emilia), Viale Martiri di Piazza Tienanmen (north bypass) and the shorter Via Disraeli and Via Dorso.


The sculpture is created from a wooden model made in the Nineties, by the Reggio Emilia artist Marco Gerra (1925-2000), revisited with the green, white and red colors of the Italian flag. The installation is located, in great visibility, on a roundabout on Via Emilia in the first western suburb.
The sculpture, in aluminum sheet and with a total weight of almost two tons, has a maximum height of 5 meters (7 meters with metal support) and a width of 4.5 meters.

On the first white band from below is the latin phrase: In civitatem italici genti vexilli aditus (Entrance to the city of the flag of italian people). The reason of this quote is to welcome the visitors telling them that they have arrived in the city that gave birth to the Italian Tricolor flag.