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Concordi Monument

An archaeological find from the Roman era, the "Monumento ai Concorsi", has been placed in the gardens, a funeralsepulchre found in Boretto, with a bust of Caio Concordio I and his family.


Public Gardens
Via Nobili - 42121 Reggio nell'Emilia

How to get there

Reggio nell'Emilia - Town centre, inside Public Gardens.

Historical notes

In 1929, during the excavation of a drainage canal, a monumental burial ground from the Roman imperial age came to light. It was mainly a rectangular enclosure equipped composed of a stele with a dedicatory inscription to exponents of the Gens Concordia. The Superintendent of Antiquities of Emilia, Salvatore Aurigemma, arranged for the transport and reconstruction in the Public Gardens of Reggio Emilia and personally guaranteed a proper botanical outline for the monument in its new location, proposing the creation of a green space. The new location was inaugurated October 28, 1930.

The place of the finding of the stele is two kilometres far from the ancient Brixellum (Brescello) and certainly corresponds to the town's eastern necropolis. It was surrounded by ancient burials, three of which marked with stele belonging to the Gens Vibia. The monument commemorates some of the most famous citizens of the community of Brescello. The date supposed of the monument is between the years 50 and 75 of the I century a. C.