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Albinea Municipal vinegar cellar

It is possible to breathe the atmosphere of a time stopped, when the production patiently followed the natural rhythms, and the vinegar rested quietly in its scented wooden barrels and wine.

Via Garibaldi, 15 - 42020 Albinea
Comune di Albinea - Acetaia Comunale

Historixcal informations

The loft space of Villa Tarabini that host from 2010, the Municipal Vinegar consists of 5 different batteries.

Once in the main room, you can see the barrels in neat rows of decreasing size, where the vinegar follows the fermentation process that, in a battery, it has already been recognized by the Selection Silver. Another battery has, however, vinegars conferred by local producers and all are constantly followed by master Acetai engaged in decanting, the topping and check the correct process of fermentation. Down a few steps you reach the bright dining rooms with large windows that overlook the valley that houses the museum consisting of old equipment for the production of vinegar. In another room is the shrine where they received the first bottles of vinegar produced by the Municipal vinegar cellar that show the label postrano silver, a sign of the quality of the product.

Climbing the spiral staircase that branches off from here will take you inside the tower, the highest point of the villa where you can enjoy a breathtaking view: the eye can grasp the area of ​​the seal and go in there, until the town close to the north and along the outline of the hills, in the south.

It is possible to visit the vinegar cellar by filling in the specific form and sending it, at least 7 days before the date requested, to: