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The Nocino (nut liquor)

The Nocino is an ancient liquor, made through infusion of nuts (hull) gathered on St. John's Night (June 24), in alcohol. It is served as digestive.


Compagnia del Nocino - Fabbrico


1 litre of alcohol at 95°
1.4 kg of green nuts
800 g of refined sugar
1 cm of cinnamon
3 cloves


Gather the green nuts on St. John's Night (June 24). Wash the nuts in running water and cut them in 4 parts. Put in infusion all the ingredients in an airtight-locking pot (5l capacity), expose it to the light for at least 90 days, mix it up some time. Filter the product obtained and bottle. It is recommended to taste it after 3-month aging.