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Correggio Scarpasot

Correggio Scarpasot is a salty cake.

It is different from the erbazzone because of the absence of the dough (whether it is rolled or brisée), which makes the dish even tastier.


1 kg of light chards
30 g of grinded lard
about 80 g Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
2 eggs
1 spoonful of minced parsley
4 spoonfuls of flour
2 fresh minced big onions
2 small spoonfuls of fine salt
1 slice of minced garlic
1 pinch of spices
Frying oil (few)

How to do

Mince the chards after washing and draining them. Add all the ingredients mixing them well with your hands. Warm an anti-adherent pan and pour few oil in the bottom so as to cover it. When the oil is warm, pour the mixture, stretch it well, cover it with the lid and let it cook very carefully. Shake the pan then, through a lid, turn the mixture on the other side also twice. Drain it from the oil, dry it off with some absorbent paper and serve it hot. It is also possible to warm it in the oven or taste it cold.