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Regional Nature Reserve of Valle Re Court Fontanili (Springs)

The nature reserve is located between the Crostolo torrent and the left bank of the Enza river.

The nature reserve is located in the Campegine countryside

Centro di Educazione Ambientale "Fontanili di Corte Valle Re"
Via Amendola 51 - 420140 Campegine


0039 0522 677907

Riserva Valle Re

How to get there:
Distance from Reggio Emilia: km 15.
From A1 motorway exit: SS 358 main road direction west to Campegine. From the railway station: bus to the town centre, then from the bus station: bus to Campegine.
Opening Periods
all year

Analytical text
The Valle (valley) Re area is included in an almost continuous strip of land situated between the course of the Crostolo stream and the left-hand shore of the Enza river. It is a sort of "zip" which links the high and low plain, and where the presence of impermeable sandstone forces the water underground to come out of the ground creating numerous natural springs, called "Fontanili", whose water is particularly clear and pure and at a constant temperature. More than 20 have been registered. On the shores of theses natural outflows, a band of indigenous tree species has developed: alder, willow, elder, crab grass. Marsh reed grows along the sides of the water flow. Aquatic vegetation is also rich: water milfoil watercress, callitrica? etc. The fish population is not abundant: pike, rudd, arborella? and tench, together with a rare species of fresh-water goby. In addition the bog turtle, the land mouse, the lapwing, the water rail, the snipe, the marsh falcon, the red and light grey heron, the hoopoe, the fish-martin and the curlew also live here.