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Borettana Onion

Borettana onion is able to enrich its unmistakable aroma with many dishes in all the kitchens of the world, so as to make it an indispensable ingredient.


Rich in mineral salts - especially calcium and phosphorus - and a certain amount of vitamin C,  is characterized by a highly flattened bulb, small and with color tunics straw and is very used by the canning industry.

Its ductility makes it possible to obtain two varieties by allowing two crops, one in the spring and one in the autumn - ensuring the presence of the boretan onion throughout the year.

From September 17, 2005, it enjoys the De.co (Denominazione comunale) quality mark and has been included by the Province of Reggio Emilia in the list of 42 species of biodiversity to be protected

There are numerous recipes based on Boretta onion: one on all the well-known sweet onions - both warm and cold - and as a delicious aperitif.